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The most advanced DNA analysis on the market that digitizes 100% of your genetic information. Based on your genetic information, you will receive specific recommendations to optimize your health and lifestyle.


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    144 Reports


    Whole Genome Sequencing 30x

    How is the testing done?


    You purchase a test kit and collect saliva.

    You can buy the test set in our e-shop or from our distributors. After unpacking, you fill the ampule with a small sample of your saliva.


    Send the sample to the laboratory.

    Register the sample kit in the Macromo mobile app and place it in the enclosed prepaid envelope. In the app you will order a DHL courier to come pick up the sample and send it to the lab.


    You will receive results and recommendations for a healthier life.

    You will receive the results within 60 days in the Macromo mobile application. Together with the results of the DNA test, you will receive recommendations tailored to your health and lifestyle. You can consult your results with our specialist, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

    What will you learn?
    After purchasing the test, you will learn the risks and recommendations in these areas:

    Diseases Risks


    Sleep and Wellness

    6 Reports

    Physical Predispositions

    6 Reports


    25 Reports

    Cancer Risks

    10 Reports

    Fitness and Sport

    9 Reports

    Nutrition and Diet

    26 Reports

    Family Planning

    20 Reports
    All Insights
    Is your data safe?

    Data Security

    All biological samples are processed and sequenced (read) in the European Union and after the process is completed the samples are disposed of. All data always remains your property. You can download it or request its deletion from our storage at any time.



    Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Macromo follows strict GDPR rules when handling your personal data. We have set up the entire process to keep your data completely safe and anonymous. Your personal data is not linked to your health data in the Macromo app. So no one can connect your identity and your health information.

    Afraid to know your DNA results?

    Macromo shows you your genetic predispositions for conditions that can be prevented or treated. We strongly believe in people’s right to know about them in advance, so they can take action for their prevention. Our team of doctors and geneticists developed a Macromo Scoring method to decide which results to display to Macromo users. We make sure to communicate in ethical and careful manners.

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    DNA Platinum
    DNA Platinum
    DNA Platinum
    DNA Platinum
    DNA Platinum

    Meaningful Insights into your Health

    Consultation for Additional Fee
    Our specialist will answer any questions you have about your results and help you develop a plan to adjust your lifestyle for better health and wellbeing.

    Free Lifetime Update of your results
    DNA test is once in a life investment. As new scientific findings emerge, we will update your results free of charge.

    Your Health Data in One Place
    You get all your results in a Macromo mobile app that connects all your health data from DNA, blood tests, family history, and more to provide you with personalized recommendations for your healthier lifestyle.

    Customer stories

    Your health is our top priority. See how Macromo DNA tests have helped our customers live healthier and happier lives.

    • Michal



      The test helped me to identify my genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, including an increased risk of coronary heart disease, and to start a healthier lifestyle. The app gave me personalized recommendations on how to minimize my risk of manifesting the disease.

    • David


      Fitness trainer

      The DNA test showed that I had a good aptitude for strength training, but it also revealed an increased risk of ACL injury. I also discovered that I may be deficient in vitamin D, which is important for bone and muscle health. This allows me to better adjust my training and nutrition.

    • Ruslana


      Nutritionist, cosmetologist

      Every woman wants to stay beautiful and healthy and the Macromo DNA test can help us achieve this. Knowing our genetic disposition will allow us to take steps to prevent disease, but it is also a useful tool for making the right diet and lifestyle choices.

    How can Macromo DNA Platinum help you?

    You'll get personalized recommendations tailored to your body and needs to help you live a longer, better life. We make recommendations for healthy living and disease prevention based on measurable and statistically sound data. They are created by combining DNA test results with information about your medical history and current lifestyle, and are based on proven scientific studies.

    Prevent the Development of Common Diseases

    42 Reports

    Common diseases are responsible for the majority of health problems worldwide, but with the right approach, 60 to 90% of them are preventable. Macromo helps you uncover your lifestyle and genetic risk factors for these diseases so you can take actionable steps to prevent them and extend your active life.

    High Cholesterol

    Elevated Risk

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Increased Risk

    High Blood Pressure

    Average Risk

    Know your Body's Reactions to Medicines

    25 Reports

    The way your body metabolizes different medications can affect how effective they are. Knowing the genetic predispositions of how your body reacts to drugs will allow you to make informed decisions in cooperation with your doctor when choosing appropriate drugs or setting dosages in order to minimize unwanted side effects.

    Improve Cancer Prevention

    10 Reports

    Thanks to the knowledge of your genetic predispositions for different types of cancer, you will know which preventive examinations you should not forget. At the same time, you can prevent many types of cancer by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

    Find out How Genes Affect your Appearance

    6 Reports

    Genes are the cornerstone of determining your physical characteristics, such as your height or physique. Find out what features you inherited from your ancestors and will likely pass on to your descendants.

    Adjust your Sleep According to your Genes

    6 Reports

    Quality sleep is key to good health. Genes can influence the depth, quality, or timing of sleep. By understanding your body's sleep needs, you can set up your sleep hygiene to wake up refreshed and energized.

    Discover Genetic Risks in Family Planning

    20 Reports

    You will find out if you are a carrier of one of the rare hereditary diseases. These are diseases that most likely will not affect you, but may affect your children.

    Give your Body the Nutrition it Needs

    26 Reports

    Find out how efficiently your body absorbs different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your genes will also reveal how caffeine or alcohol affects you. Find out what your body specifically needs and optimize your diet and eating habits.

    Use your Fitness Potential

    9 Reports

    Your body's response to different types of stress as well as its ability to recover depends on your genes. Use your full potential. Discover what your fitness predispositions are, the risk of injuries, and the need for regeneration. Be more efficient in your training and achieve better results.

    Ing. Lenka Piherová, Ph.D.

    Researcher and Clinical Geneticist. Supervises the Macromo DNA product line.

    Results Guaranteed by Experts

    Built with Ethics in Mind
    Macromo's team of medical experts regularly reviews and updates new DNA reports to make sure we only show results that can be prevented and/or treated to make sure we cause no psychological harm to our users but rather provide them with a powerful tool to help people avoid diseases and live a healthier life.

    Certified Clinical Laboratory
    We partner with top laboratories based in the European Union to provide quality laboratory analysis used by physicians from primary care.

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